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HumiliationPOV - Vibrator Masturbation & Taking You To The Edge – Tease And Denial 
3rd-Oct-2010 12:27 am

Vibrator Masturbation
Today I am going to help you get your tiny little cocks off with the help of a vibrator. So sad that you losers need a vibrator to get off. And make sure it works idiot!

Now turn it on and put it against your cock. Press it nice and hard, get a good vibration going. Go ahead pussy boy. How does it feel to have to use a toy made for women to get off?

You’re so fucking pathetic. Is it making your little dick get harder and harder?

Now move that vibrator down to your balls. Let it vibrate and then jerk your little cock. Move it all around, press it hard against the base of your penis. Oh yea, you love that vibrator, buzzzzzz. Keep jerking loser boy.

Next put it right up against your asshole. You like that fag boy? Feel it buzzing against your asshole while you jerk it. Push it in a little, deeper and deeper until it is all the way in. You love cock in your ass. Such a fucking loser sitting around in your panties, pushing a vibrator up your ass.

Now turn it up. Make it vibrate so hard and good in your asshole and jerk off. Stroke, stroke, stroke. I wanna see you cum. Jerking off is the only way you will ever get off again. You’ll never fuck a girl as hot as me, Loser!

Taking You To The Edge - Tease And Denial
This is a masturbation instruction for you losers. I am going to tease and deny you over and over again. Bringing you to the edge and then denying you. You are going to be so desperate for relief. Will I let you? You better listen to me!

I’ll allow you to slowly jerk your cock, a few fingers on the shaft. Ah yes, doesn’t that feel good. Now a little bit faster… STOP! Sit on your hands! Do not touch that cock until I tell you.
Ok, you can touch it some more. Faster and faster until I tell you to stop again. I am going to fucking torture you. Making you start and stop over and over again. You will be fucking twitching in your seat. Your cock will be moving on it’s own in no time. Twitch, twitch, twitch.

You love edging. You love getting to the edge and being told to stop. It makes you so weak, so pliable. The more I tease and deny you, the more you become putty in my hands. A twitching, edging, babbling, desperate loser! Just how I like you.

Come on you squirming little piggy. Follow my instructions, give in to me, beg me to deny you. Oh I love how pathetic become. Will I let you cum fucker???

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