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Goddesses' Footboy - Ball Busting times 3! 
20th-Nov-2010 10:19 pm

3 cruel Ball Busting clips from Goddesses' Footboy. Enoy!

Harder, Goddess, HARDER

Interactive clip here where Supreme Goddess Brandy involves all of you at home while blasting this slave’s balls. She asks this guy how the hell he has sex with this ballbusting fetish of his. She laughs hysterically at him, especially knowing that he doesn’t like feet which makes Her shove Her sweaty feet in his face even more. But he wants it harder and harder and Miss Brandy is more than happy to oblige with some REALLY hard kicks to his nuts followed by some foot-smacking to the face…

Devin & Baily BUST Some Nuts!

This clip is SICK. Tons of evil laughter from mean blondes Devin & Baily with a TON of kicks to the balls….These Girls did NOT let up! Miss Baily kicked way harder than Devin and seemed to enjoy it more. They think it’s hilarious this dude’s in major pain and even funnier that he’s turned on by it. They finish by making him thank Them for torturing his nuts!

EXECUTION style Femdom

Nicole wants to train to become a Domme & Her friend Laura just wants to watch Her mean Bitch friend knee AND kick this dude in the nuts.

This would've been called "Zero Remorse 3", however these Girls insisted on putting our friend into execution pose for almost all of the video. So much so that i started to feel bad for him, like the humane society.

*What the FUCK part of town are THESE Girls from with talk like "execution style fuckerrrrrrr"...

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